Biography: Orgesa Daci

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Biography: Orgesa Daci

Av. MSc. Orgesa DACI

Attorney at law MSc. Ogresa Daci, graduated with a bachelor degree in Law from the
Faculty of Law of the University of Tirana in 2011 and in 2013, she graduated with a
master of sciences degree in "Criminal Law" from the same University. In 2013 she also
received the title "Lawyer". Furthermore, beside her formal education, she has attended a
variety of seminars and trainings, giving her an advanced understanding of the legal
framework in the Albanian Justice system.
Her carrier in the legal services has started at "Daci and Associates" Law Firm. Initially
she worked as a legal assistant with duties that ranged from legal correspondence,
drafting documents, client information, etc. While waiting for her "Lawyer" title, she
completed also an internship at Tirana District Court for a period of 6 months. After she
received the title "Lawyer", in 2013, she started to work for "ADCA" Law Firm as an
attorney at law.
Av. Msc. Orgesa Daci, has returned to "Daci and Associates", Attorneys at law, in 2017,
as an attorney at law. Her duties range from court representation, to other legal matters of
the firm and her areas of expertise are mainly on civil disagreements and administrative
cases, however because of her master degree, she works also with criminal cases.

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