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Law Firm History

“Daci and Associates”, Attorneys at law, operates since 2004 in accordance with the Albanian legislation. The firm is founded and directed by Attorney Prof. Asoc. Dr. Jordan DACI and has signed cooperation agreements with several law firms operating in Kosovo, Macedonia, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey, Sweden, Germany, Serbia, Montenegro, Switzerland, Canada, the United States of America, the United Kingdom etc.


Our work lays on the principles of fidelity towards our clients, hard work and outstanding professionalism of the people working for the office.


The outstanding academic portofolio, professional background, knowledge of several foreign languages and international experience of our people ranks us top law firm operating in Albania. Our attorneys have distinguished backgrounds, not only in the courtroom, but also in the academia and in key leadership roles.


Quality legal representation is essential for a successful business. Our goal is to provide the best legal representation available at a reasonable and fair cost to our clients. Good legal representation comes from good attorneys. A law firm becames wellknown because of its attorneys.


Protection of ones rights and interests become easier when consulted and assisted by a professional attorney. It costs less to consult an attorney, before takeing any decisions regarding rights and interests, than a defense of an attorney before the court of law. On the other hand, choosing to be assited by a non-professional attorney could be worse than not having one at all.

Winning is our one and only goal. The firm is founded based on the concept of a result oriented law firm that would accept a number of cases in proportionality with our resources and achieve great results for our clients. Our firm practices a very high legal work. Different from other old fashion law firms in Albania, we work with young and very dynamic people graduated at the most famous universities of Western Europe and United States of America with an outstanding curriculum and with great international and national professional and academic experience. While for most of Albanian old fashion and so-called artificially big law firm, the main concern is the bill you have to pay; our primary concern is to win the case.


Daci and Associates”, Attorneys at law, is all you need to resolve your legal issues, to make your business more competitive, to facilitate your business and personal transactions and better safeguard your rights and interests.


These are some of the reasons why you should choose Daci and Associates”, Attorneys at law, to assist you!


Therefore, if you need the expertise of our firm or have a question about it, spend some time looking around this site, then call or e-mail us. We are ready and professionally capable to give your legal problems the attention they deserve, and if our firm can’t help you, we will recommend a law firm that can. That’s our promise.


NUIS: L71802027J

Quality legal representation is essential for a successful business.

Justice is the constant and perpetual wish to render everyone his due! Ulpian.

Our Approach

“Daci and Associates”, attorneys at law, since 2004 has achieved extraordinary results with its clients. We have extensive experience in handling with extreme care, professional ethics and according to the legal norms, many complex cases and we are glad to share our success. We value our clients, and we do the maximum possible to protect them and their interests according to law.

At “Daci and Associates”, attorneys at law, we are dedicated to protecting the rights of our clients and making sure they receive the best possible solution to their legal situations. We will try the best to meet you legal needs successfully in a timely manner and respond to you promptly in cases of emergent situations, if notified so. We strongly believe that getting to know and understanding your business and your goals is an important investment in a long-term and successful, attorney-client association and we look forward to welcome you aboard.

We provide our clients with high quality service at all time. Our mission is driven by excellence in all the areas we cover. Our talented attorneys and professional staff are committed to protect client confidences and stand by all ethical codes of the legal profession. We work very hard to offer the best service in a cost-effective environment.


One of our Firm’s fundamental goals is to understand our best clients’ businesses at a deep level and to identify, in all of our interactions, the same sense of urgency for the success of these businesses as their leaders do.


We measure our success by that of our clients and our mission is to help our clients. We constantly look for business opportunities and growth for clients beyond the specific engagement at hand.We see ourselves as legal architects for growth.


“Daci and Associates”, Attorneys at law, designs solutions for clients especially for businesses regarding tax customs legislation and knows how to get things done.


We share the same concern and urgency with our clients. Our approach is a practical problem solving oriented.  We do not make just promises, we keep them! This is our Strength!

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